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Our Good Friends at Gaiser Bee Co. are pairing up with The Carpenter to help rehome bees! As bee lovers and fellow bee keepers we are super excited to add this to our list of services. Bee season is gearing up and bees will start to swarm in search of a new home with their queen. Typically they will swarm to a tree though sometimes they decide to set up their hive inside the home. Whether it be along the gutter line or in a cozy crack in the exterior of the home. Bees can cause a big mess in these situations for home owners. We take the stress out of this process. Saving the bees in a humane way and giving them a new home. In the process making needed repairs to prevent further damage to your home & returning it to its original state. Saving the bees is the right choice!Wild bees that have survived the winter have incredible genetics. We should all do our part to protect them! 


There is a one time fee of $50. for the call appointment to cover travel and time to location. This fee will be applied back to you if you choose to use our service. 

We will then confirm that you do in fact have honey bees as well as a detailed plan of action custom fit to your situation. I will send you an estimate for removing all bees, all honey comb, and honey. As well as reconstructing the space that had to be removed to access bees and sealing off the access point. In rare cases bees do try to return. We do our very best to ensure they do not want to make this a home again in the future. 

PRICING: Each bee removal is a custom tailored situation. As some hives are larger than others. Some require more deconstruction & reconstruction costs. Restoring your home back to its original state is the utmost importance to us. In some cases we can salvage materials such as siding. In other cases there may be no other way but to replace materials. 

Bee rehoming and removal, including all comb, honey, bees, & cleaning of the area starts at $350. and goes up from there.

Important: Please note that if you choose to use an inhumane way to remove honey bees you run the risk of creating future problems. Honey left by bees tends to call the attention of ants,mice,rats,etc. In addition to the fact that honey ferments over time. Leaving quite a mess and causing mold. This can rot out your woodwork in the interior walls as well your drywall. 

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